Our Donors

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the individuals, corporations, foundations, and government entities who have supported the Armory Art Center over the past 12 months. The following patrons have contributed to the Armory Art Center through general contributions, programmatic sponsorships, and event sponsorships.*

For more information about how to make your impact at the Armory, please contact us at 561-832-1776.

The Armory Art Center is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under IRS rules. Gifts may be deductible as a charitable contribution under Federal income tax laws. Please consult your individual tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your contribution. Federal Tax ID No. 59-2808612.

*List reflects contributions made between July 1, 2019 and March 1, 2021.


The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
The Legacy of Terry Last
Palm Beach County Commission

$50,000 to $99,999
Ann and Doug Brown
Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs

$25,000 to $49,999
Marie Adler-Kravecas and Saul Kravecas
Laurence W. Levine Foundation, Inc.
Linda and Donald Silpe

$10,000 to $24,999
Elaine Adler
BMC Charitable Foundation
Lynn and Arnold Feld
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation
Don Kerbis a.k.a Heavy Head, and Dr. Feliciano
Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation
Helene and Charles Klein
Ellen Levy
Barbara Prine
David Veselsky and Ken Elias

$5,000 to $9,999
Ruth Baum
Libby Royer
Nancy and Jaime Lambrecht
Robert Spiegel
Janet and Kenneth Schur
Robert Wechsler
Jan Willinger

$1,000 to $4,999
Darrene and Bill Baer
David Berley
Gayda Family Foundation
Judy and Tom Giuffrida
Barbara Golden
Debra and Glen Greenberg
Michael and Alison Greene
Jackie Grimm
Myrna Hill
Terry Lidell
Kelly and Richard Luchini
Jeanne Kanders
Peggy and Richard Katz
Connie and Jules Kay
Henni and John Kessler
Juliette Lloyd
Zelda Mason
Sara Mesirow
Rebecca and Roger Miller
Lillian Miotto
Barbara Morgenstern
Beverly Myers
Randell Peyser-May
Aaron & Sylvia Rothenberg Family Foundation
Carole Ruhlman
Nancy and Mark Taylor
Dorothy J. Thomson Charitable Fund
Jane and Stuart Weitzman
Barbara Wild
Nancy Wolf
Odile Yeramian
Diane Young and Phillip Johnson
Susan Zuckert

$500 to $999
Richard Baxter
David Charlowe
Bruce Fischman
Norma and Jeffrey Glazer
Allison and Stuart Haft
The JTK Foundation
Kelly Klein
Ellen and Bruce Malasky
Gwen and Hank Mardyks
Joan and William Mattison
Paul Moskowitz
Simon Parisier
Lisa and Michael Rome
Lillian Schneider
Gloria Slass

$100 to $499
Pamela Abrahams
Ann Ames
Michele Kolsky Assatly
Barbara Bailey
Chuck Bale
Deanna and Robert Burger
Phyllis and Herb Cohen
Sherry Derrevere
Dora Dixon
Beth and Steve Elgort
Patricia Erichsen
Lenore and Alan Eskow
Mary Page Evans
Andrea and Lewis Finkel
Enid Fisher
Nancy Geiger
Beverly and Stuart Halpert
By and Anne Hires
Judy Hirschmann
Andrew Kahn
Marvin Kleeger
Allan Kroningold
Judy and Alan Lewis
Evan Lowenstein
Bonnie Nadal
Amy and Gary Pepper
Hillary Pulitzer
Patricia Raber
Bonnie and Ben Rechler
Wendy Gail Roth
Jennifer Ruys
Yvette Rysak
Jane and John Shalam
Erik Schmitt
Donald and Eileen Smith
Marianne Sokol
Barbara Stern
Becky and Larry Stern
Suzanne Stroh
Harriet Trepper
Theodore Tribolati
Diana Walton
Glenda and Arthur Wolpert
Subhashini Yalamanchi
Amy and Mark Zusy