This course will teach you how to transfer your drawings, paintings, photocopies, or computer images onto a Solarplate (TM) and print with water-based inks. The process will keep students experimenting and discovering new ways to create, integrate, layer and color prints.

ROOM 101

Masks must be worn at all times on campus and during classes; temperature checks are required before entering class/open studio.

All students must read and sign the health policy & waiver to attend Session 3 on-campus classes. CLICK HERE TO FILL IT OUT

*See Mark Cohen about Solarplate purchase mentioned in supply list.


This class is now available for per diem registration.  May register for 1 day or several.  The purchase of per diem classes (in any number) is not refundable.  Call the REGISTRAR to register 561.832.1776 x111.