Tony Baker

Tony Baker

Tony Baker received his BFA in Ceramics at California State University Long Beach in 2018, and his MFA In Ceramics at Alfred University in 2022. His work is in several prestigious private collections, and he has a solo exhibition at the Torrance Art Museum in the fall of 2023.

Tony grew up in a very poor neighborhood in Sacramento, California, alongside the freeway littered with heroin needles and crack vials. As Tony travelled from lower to middle class parts of town to attend school, he experienced noticeable cultural dislocation. He never felt as though he fully belonged clearly too either cultural subset. As a result, he was an observer, living between cultures. In this culturally and ethnically mixed world, people found a common, shared identity more as a matter of shared class position.

Experiences in these formative years grew a desire to make work that can be a voice for the people who do not have one, the people who are struggling to survive in this world and can relate with this story of living a life with little control over circumstance. Tony uses the things he has witnessed both as a kid and as a young adult, where self-survival is everything, and the struggle he endured, as inspiration.