Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Grant- Invitation to Negotiate (ITN)

As part of our Historic Preservation Grant, the Armory Art Center is seeking the below contracts:

  • Historic Preservation Architect
  • General Contractor with Historic Preservation Experience

For more information about the project and scope of work, contact us here.

Please submit all contract proposals via email to historicpreservation@armoryart.org.

What is an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN)?

“Invitation to negotiate” is a written or electronically posted solicitation for competitive sealed replies to select one or more vendors with which to commence negotiations for the procurement of commodities or contractual services.

Contracts should include:

  • The specific scope of work items for which the provider is responsible
  • The contract amount
  • The project duration
  • “No Discrimination” Clause. As per Section 31 of the Grant Award Agreement, the provider contract shall contain language similar to the following clause:
    • “The Grantee may not discriminate against any employee employed under this Agreement, or against any applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, pregnancy, handicap, or marital status.”

The deadline to submit is September 20, 2022.