Photo Studio & Equipment Rental


Rental of the equipment and space is for 3 -hour sessions at $20 per session, please pay at the registrar.
A student borrowing the camera must leave a photo ID with the registrar. The ID will be given back upon return of the camera.

  • Students are required to complete one of Barry Schein’s “How to Photograph Your Artwork” pop-up classes, prior to use.
  • Students must send an email to their department director that they intend to sign up for the rental of the booth and equipment prior to use.
  • The camera and tripod is stored at the registration desk. Students are to pick up the equipment and drop off there and follow the sign up instructions
  • Students must bring their own laptops or SD cards to transfer images onto.
  • Students will be responsible for returning the equipment and leaving the photo booth room in perfect condition.
  • Students will be held financially accountable for any damage, loss, or theft.

View PDF of policy and requirements.

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