This experiential drawing workshop is offered with a choice of 2 different 3-day workshops with visiting master artist Mark McKee!

Experiential Drawing

Perhaps you’re a promising student of art working on those basic drawing skills, or maybe even an accomplished artist seeking to push their drawing to the next level. This action-based drawing workshop provides a supportive environment and the opportunity for both novice and master level participants to work side-by-side. Exploring through a guided drawing process, the participants learn to leverage their natural abilities while facilitating the drawing experience as they build upon their portfolio of skills.

The Experiential Drawing Workshop is divided into three phases:
Phase One -Introduction; Assessing your drawing level and the myths and truth about talent, muscle memory and learning to feel comfortable in Working with Yourself.
Second Phase – Breaking Boundaries: Placement and Direction – a BIG Picture Approach using one’s natural abilities to their fullest.
Phase Three – Let’s DO this! Applying these principles to our drawing…full on drawing and loving it.


Choose what workshop fits your schedule best!

May 16-18, 6:00-9:00 pm daily
Tuition $250

May 23-25, 1:30-4:30 pm daily
Tuition $250

Mark McKee is an accomplished artist and professor of studio arts. Furthermore, his works appear in corporate and institutional collections in both the USA and abroad. Likewise, McKee has taught at distinguished arts programs. They include the University of Connecticut, Rhode Island School of Design and Eastern Connecticut State University. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Art Institute (now the Institute of Contemporary Art – San Diego [ICA], The Griffis Art Center, and Spark Makerspace. Mark Gerard McKee lives and works in eastern Connecticut.

Mark’s Teaching Philosophy
Similarly, my teaching practice, like my studio practice, is bound to a belief that the basics of drawing and painting are foundational to the creative process. Essentially, teaching is about identifying and bringing out the best in others. Therefore, I encourage students to explore. When they do, I share in the fascination, wonder and sheer joy in the learning, teaching and making of that Art. However, teaching art is transactional. As an artist with several decades of artmaking, as well as teaching behind me, I have found to my great delight that I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.