Membership Discounts for Classes

Membership discounts for classes start this month. The Armory Art Center now offers up to 20% off all classes beginning January 24. Your Armory Art Center membership entitles you to the same cost-saving discounts for classes and select programs.

Drawing for Total Beginners

This class provides a solid foundation for drawing to beginning students. Learn to develop your power of observation and mark-making skills through lessons focusing on gesture, line, shape, value, and spatial relationships. With pencil and charcoal, students learn to use line, value, gesture, and perspective, developing the ability to “see” as artists. This class works on various subjects, including still life, landscape, and photographs, using various drawing materials and approaches. Room 201 *5-week course

Wednesday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Jan 25, 2023 – Feb 22, 2023
Instructor: Nancy Tart
Tuition: Members $ 216.00, Non-members $ 270.00

Crash Course in Painting (Oil and Acrylic)

If you have never painted, or want to get back into it, this class is for you! This is an introductory-level class on painting with acrylics and oils. Students will learn all the basics, including how to mix colors, use mediums, color theory, and use composition to make a more interesting painting. Students will develop hand/eye coordination while working from their imagination, images, and direct observation. Room 201 *5-week course

Friday, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Jan 27, 2023 – Feb 24, 2023
Instructor: Pavel Ouporov
Tuition: Members $ 216.00, Non-members $ 270.00

Printmaking for the Absolute Beginner

Relief printing is a direct and versatile process and one of the oldest printing methods that produces original multiples of a unique design. In this class, students will learn how to design, carve, and print a linoleum block. Students will create black-and-white and full-color images featuring their interest’s subject matter. *5-week course Room 101

Wednesday, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Jan 25, 2023 – Feb 22, 2023
Instructor: Ron Garrett
Tuition: Members $ 216.00, Non-members $ 270.00

Hello to Watercolor

Curious about trying watercolor for the first time, or after a long hiatus? This class is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive approach to watercolor painting through step-by-step demonstrations, exercises in composition, learning to capture the impact of light, understanding layering, and mixing colors. Each week while working, students will solve many problems through the painting process, such as shape and color relationships, mixing and applying color/paint, various painting techniques, and creating dimension and form.  Room 102 *5-week course

Monday 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Jan 23, 2023 – Feb 20, 2023
Instructor: Jerilyn Brown
Tuition: Members $216.00, Non-members $270.00

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Mixed Media for Beginners

If you’ve always wanted to try different materials and how to piece elements together in new ways, then this class is for you! Students will learn to use various materials, including pastels, colored pencils, ink, paper, found objects, and other unique methods and materials. Bring the materials you’ve been meaning to explore, but never got around to. Students will experiment through the creation of sample pieces toward one culminating artwork. This class will sample techniques such as collage, stamping, stenciling, decoupage, photo transfer, and layering. This class is perfect for those in a creative rut. Room 101 *5-week course

Tuesday, 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Jan 24, 2023 – Feb 21, 2023
Instructor: Nune Asatryan
Tuition: Members $ 216.00, Non-members $ 270.00

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Membership in the Armory Art Center brings joy from being a part of our community. Your membership is vital to the Armory because approximately half of the cost to run the art school comes from tuition, with the remainder of our budget needs coming in from contributions, grants, and fundraising events.

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–  January 7, 2023